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Nowadays, it is easy to start putting your products on marketplaces. But selling your brand, getting good reviews, offering a reverse logistics solution for your customers and making sure your VAT on each product is processed correctly, are something else.
This is where we come in. We make sure you only have to invent the products, and we'll do the rest!

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Marketplace monitoring

We monitor and map your marketplace situation. Identifying key action points and providing insights to avoid price-races to the bottom.

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Product Management

We create and list your products, foresee data creations and manage purchase orders.

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Content Marketing

We optimize your content for marketplaces and your competition. Attract more customers and drive more sales.

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Warehouse Management

We dispatch and replenish your products to multiple warehouses within Europe so they can reach customers quick and efficiently.

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Inventory Management

We benefit from existing inventory within the A&C group and are able to activate forecasting to ensure a continuous sales flow on marketplaces.

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Marketplace & Sales strategy

Based on your goals, we determine your ideal marketplace and sales strategy to get the best results.

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Customer Care

We maintain high standards towards our customers and interact professionally in their language.

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Reputation Managment

With negative reviews we actively seek interaction with the customer to get them back with best customer experience.

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Performance analytics & insights

Measuring your sales and gathering insights to improve marketplace success.

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Reverse Logistics

When orders show up returned, we receive, analyse and process these requests for you.

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Second Life Management

Returned goods are evaluated, their value assessed and checked for restocking or fit for second chance sale.

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Power of marketplaces

Marketplaces Represent


of all e-commerce


of all online searches finds his origin on marketplaces

Amazon accounts for


all online sales and ships more than 3 million packages per day.

In peak season, Amazon can reach

up to 92%

of online shopping searches.

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